Who are VINE Creatives?

We are VINE Creatives, a visual communications and brand strategy agency. We work with entrepreneurs and businesses in the African diaspora, and companies with an interest in Africa.

Nene Parsotam

Co-founder and
Senior Art Director

With over 13 years’ experience working within the advertising and design industry, Nene is primarily a senior designer and art director, including an excellent grasp on print design. Idea conception, digital campaign idea generation, layout, art direction and UI design are Nene’s core abilities.

Having worked in some of the top global ad agencies, Nene has a natural air for branding, brand values and marketing – with the ability to make campaign ideas work consistently across various mediums.

Nene conceptualizes photoshoots and directs creative teams on set to achieve the right image for both brand and PR photography: from fashion to editorial to conceptual to mixed media, across a variety of sectors from telecommunications, TV, FMCG, banking and film.

Vine Parsotam

Senior Creative
and CFO

Viren has over 14 years' industry experience and has worked for some of the largest brand and ad agencies in London. He has both hands-on creative and managerial experience in technology and design. His skills include UI/UX design, layout for both online and print and the ability to create Photoshop visuals and graphic art to an exceptional finish.

He has also worked closely with technology and development teams for several years and currently manages the development team for VINE Creatives. Along side this role Viren manages the day to day expenses, budget and cash flow of the company to increase overall effeciency. Viren can deliver projects to a high standard across many industry sectors including FMCG, Fashion, Retail, Automotive, Banking, Games and Entertainment, Theatre and TV.

The team and technical partners

William Patino Senior brand designer

William is our senior brand designer who hails from a Mendoza, Argentina. Having studied at the National University of Cuyo, one of the largest centers of higher education in all the west of the country.

He has served clients all over the world, providing them with professional and high-grade work for over 10 years. William is able to draw out brand values and brand look and feel and translate them into logos. His work on brand extensions re ect the companies message and speak to the companies audience.

Shukyee Lee-Wan Art Director / Designer

Shuk-yee has 15 years’ experience concepting and designing ultra-high quality brand communications. She has created brand collateral for international retail, corporate and charity brands.

Her skills include defining core values, brand positioning, developing concepts and brand guidelines. She has had experience with designing innovative annual reports, brochures, press packs, press advertising which reinforce the brand image. She can also design event areas, brand environments and retail boutiques, representing themselves uniformly within an architectural space.

Ketan Sethi CEO, Techvoi

Ketan heads up the Techvoi team of highly professional developers who are committed to delivering exceptional and pioneering technology solutions.

Ketan’s 13 years’ experience in technology, software development, web design, mobile applications, ERP CRM, graphic design, IT consulting and security solutions keep him ahead of the curve. After founding Techvoi in 2006, the company has expanded to 50 employees.

The right team for your project

We will always hand pick the right team and skillset for your brief.

We have a roster of high calibre designers, photographers and suppliers that we work with to achieve the best results for your project or venture.